The Synopsis

Amid the pandemonium of war between Majapahit and Demak, fate delivers a legendary tale of two lovers; Gusti Puteri Raden Adjeng Retno Dumilah (the Royal Princess of Majapahit) and Datuk Laksamana Hang Tuah (Lord Admiral of Melaka.

But this simple love affair demands a massive sacrifice when the rulers begin to act in their own interests. Sultan Mahmud of Melaka agrees on to join forces with the Adipati of Majapahit to counter the Demak threat, with the provision that he be given Adipati's sister in marriage. Hang Tuah is dispatched to send word of warning to the Pangeran of Demak. So the two lovers are separated for a long time. To fulfil her promise of Hang Tuah, Gusti Puteri leaves Majapahit for Gunung Ledang.

At the peak of Ledang, the two lovers are reunited. Still, Hang Tuah the loyal servant brings with him the Sultan's decree to ask the princess' hand in marriage, leaving the Gusti Puteri heartbroken. She imposes 7 conditions on Melaka to be fulfilled before she will marry their Sultan. The seventh precondition - a demand for the blood of Raja Ahmad, the heir to the throne. It is actually a thinly-veiled affront to the honour of the Sultan, who attempts to murder his own son out of rage. Gusti Puteri appears and confronts the Sultan. Insulted by her resoluteness, the angry Sultan proclaims a curse upon the Puteri.

Hang Tuah, who is feeling guilty for killing the embers of love in Gusti Puteri, begins to realise the lunacy of blind loyalty, which he must put an end to. He arises and rushes to Ledang to seek out his beloved. The Gusti Puteri still waits for her true love, on the peak that has become a symbol of their enduring devotion. There, they remain as two beings, separated by time.